A decrease in government spending always creates jobs.

The damaging effects of taxation can not be overstated. Taxes confiscated and redistributed ultimately impact the environment for job creation. Cuts in taxes always spur the economy and job growth.  

Wealth does not just exist, it must be created.

Government doesn’t just redistribute wealth, it destroys it.  When it confiscates wealth from one person to give to another there are opportunity costs. The opportunity costs are the loss of the investments the person whose wealth was stolen would have made if they were allowed to spend their own money.  

Jobs are properly created by entrepreneurs

...who are willing to work hard, work smart and take calculated risks. Jobs are also created through real increases in productivity resulting from re-invested profits. Government taxes and regulations decrease profits leaving less to be re-invested.

Central economic planning, taxes and social engineering

...are the cause of the decline in the U.S. economy, the loss in employment along with the decline in the standard of living.   Government interference in the free market was the cause of the August 2008 financial and economic collapse.  The problems that caused the collapse have not been fixed.  The day of reckoning has been postponed but the problem is now worse than ever before.

More government is not the solution

...for government is the reason for the decline of America.  The solution is to unchain the free market.  This requires the dramatic reduction in the size and scope of government at all levels.  The free market will then grow the economy and create well paying jobs.  Freedom is what built this country.  It is the lack of freedom that is destroying it.

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​Job creation by the government is a myth.

Government does not create jobs. Just the opposite is true. For the government to spend money it must first confiscate the money.  Government confiscates wealth from the productive class and redistributes it to those special interests that it deems entitled.

Government taxing and spending crowds out private sector jobs.  

The State grows at the direct expense of the private sector.  Private sector jobs have grown 170% since 1948 while Government “jobs” have grown 350% during the same period.  Therein lies the problem.  Government takes too much out of the economy. ​